Monday, 8 August 2011

The Big Lebowki

Few films have such a cult following as the Big Lebowski. Maybe that’s because of The Dude; a rambling, stoned Jeff Bridges who chews through his scenes while having a great time. He mumbles daft one liners, buys milk at petrol stations with checks and just generally fucks everything up. Or maybe it’s because of Walter; the moronic Polish-Catholic-Jewish Vietnam veteran who probably didn’t go to Vietnam and definitely isn’t Jewish who goes about swearing, yelling ill informed opinions on everything and just generally fucking up. Perhaps it is because of Donny, who says nothing what-so-ever and fucks everything up. Or the German Nihilists, who fuck everything up. Or the millionaire who fucks up hiring the wrong person. Or the aid that helped him. Or his porn directing sister who fucks up getting pregnant.
That pretty much summarises the plot, a lot of weird people fuck up all at the same time and the thing is hilarious. It has a silly but deftly witty feel to it, a lot like Monty Python but much more hit than miss. Everything here is weird, but the quality of dialogue is amazing and ramping absurdity makes this film hilarious.
I think the real reason so many people adore this film is the fun that can be had watching it. You could watch it over and over and still not notice everything. Everyone has their personal favourite scene, because it’s so hard to choose which one is best. The Coen brothers films fluctuate all over the place, but the Big Lebowski is played straight for laughs and doesn’t fall as flat as, say, Burn After Reading. Check it out, because everyone need more Lebowski quotes in their life.

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