Monday, 18 July 2011

Finding good music advice is impossible on the web. Spotify and will point out music based on your tastes and critical sites like Kerrang and NME do a good job of telling you about what’s new. Delving into the vast back catalogue of music is a daunting prospect however. This is where some cold, hard math comes into help. averages 2,600 charts from critics and joe public to rank albums. I agree solidly with the chart, even if NIN are a bit too low and Bowie is on it a bit much. The website has other lists though for year and bands, if you’re after a good recommendation it’s worth checking out. Neither does it fall into genre bias either *ahem*RollingStonesMagazine*ahem*
You can easily make your own list and share it, which is always fun for listophiles like myself, and the forums seem friendly enough. Within days of making my list a little discussion had popped up underneath it.
The search doesn't work quite as well you'd like it too and no actual reviews for albums are posted, which is a shame. I can't help but think some dedicated editorials would be nice but that might just be me asking too much.
If anything this site is good for settling music arguments and firmly establishing Radiohead as “not just a band I like” 

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