Monday, 18 July 2011

Sherlock (2010)

This was a pretty big deal in the U.K, but if you’re across the pond or somehow missed it then check up on this mini-series; it is well worth it. Steven Moffat, the guy doing a fantastic job with Dr. Who at the minute, took it upon himself to update the classic detective novels. In this age of lazy forensic evidence thrillers *ahem*CSI*ahem* the logical approach is refreshing. More than that it means you can partake with more ease, but good luck second guessing these plots.
The casting is very good too. Benedict Cumberbatch takes the title role and is very good, he looks like he could easily be a genius and the social awkwardness does a neat balance between rude and involuntary. Martin Freeman is good too, he fits more to the narrator than bumbling sidekick and does a good job eeking explanations out of Holmes without seeming dumb. To the contrary he is pretty smart and gets good time to shine. The real winner is the chemistry between the two, both actors are clearly having great fun doing such a good script. Humour is present and strong.
That may be the biggest problem though. It’s been forever since I read a Sherlock Holmes book but they were always scary, dark things. This has a little too much charm, a little bit too much humour. The geek chic makes for great fun, but I couldn’t help feel the Doctor was creeping into the role a little too much. Anyway if you’re under 20 and female this is a certain bonus and despite this the series is worth tracking down.

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