Sunday, 17 July 2011

Scars on Broadway- Scars on Broadway

I think the first two tracks on this album perfectly sum the rest up; “Serious” and “Funny”. The best comparison for Scars on Broadway is System of a Down, which figures seeing as 2/5ths of the bands make up come straight from System. That’s not to say they are identical, the liberal politics and good humour have come across intact, but the tone is bouncier and poppier. There is also a greater range of instrumentation, the sounds jumps from thrash to ballad to electro. Daron Malakian (The guy who screams “WAKE UP IT’S PARTY TIME!” on B.Y.O.B, y’know the one i mean) does a fantastic job fronting the band with impressive soaring vocals and is an ample fit for Serj Tankians position.
In party mode Scars rock seriously hard, “They Say” is infectious and catchy while “Chemicals” is a foul mouthed techno marvel that trumps anything SOAD have so far done. On the other hand of the spectrum “3005” is a thoughtful ballad revelling in how the right will finally die out, but still manages to be humouress and happy.
If you like SOAD you’ll find a lot to love with Scars, if you don’t know either than Scars is a brilliant entry to the mad pair and is well worth checking out.

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