Sunday, 17 July 2011 is a website about all things film. It has a fantastic community with a thriving forum and community challenges; bounties for wikis and treasure hunts etc. that is miles ahead of it’s competitors. It also serves as a pretty damn good database, but realistically will never be able to compete with IMDB. But no, Screened’s strength comes from strong editorials and great critics. Self-confessed “lifelong dorks” the reviews are thoughtful and I tend to agree with everything they say. And when I disagree, the staff make well informed, explained reasons why, these guys know their stuff. Furthermore they neither fall into horror schlock, Hollywood loving or indie praising bias’. Much can be commended for a film that holds “Hobo with a Shotgun”, “The Trip” and “X-Men” with same esteem. At the same time the site is good humoured, never taking it’s self to seriously and doling out the news with flair and a smile.
On top of this the writers every now and then make well produced video features, “The Besties” are an entertaining set of recommendations for films you probably haven’t watched and “Half-Goods” are always fun.
The whole of Whiskey Media is infact really, really good and you should check them out because they will save you from time wasters, put good stuff your way and make you smile on a regular basis.

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